Saturday, 28 June 2008

I have had two good things happen today! One being I've been told I can get out of here tomorrow!! Yipee, so I'll finally be able to meet everyone rather than having to transfigure things to make life in here more interesting. And two, I received some mail!

My first ever Hogwarts mail how exciting. They allowed me to have it since it was in a white envelope if it was in a brown one I might not have been able to have it. So I'm not expecting anything as Emma Wigworthy swore she would send one large parcel to me since I don't like being teased with multiple parcels.

So I open it and out pops a lovely Hufflepuff velvet bag! Black on the outside, yellow on the inside, and it likes to transfigure itself somewhat so it also goes yellow on the outside, black on the inside. It's really lovely and I can't figure out why I have this, but out pops out a note saying it's from ROAK! How exciting! The lovely item was from Lizzie Wychwood, she is a very good sewer something I can't do well at all!

So to pass on the good magic, I too have put together a small parcel and it will go out tomorrow, by owl this time not by spider!

See my parcel to Miranda Moonstone is all finished except putting it together and sending it off by owl. Now my spider is insistant that he will take it and personally deliver it to Miranda. He says he's faster and stronger than any owl. So I will let him take the parcel to Miranda, hopefully she isn't scared of spiders. Not that he's big, he's only the size of my thumb nail.

He is under strict instructions that if he delivers the parcel on time, he can have a decent piece of fruit when he returns.

Monday, 23 June 2008

hmmm, well I managed to get out of the white room on the surface, but I'm technically still locked up. Some transfiguring spells do come in handy at times like these.

The game of Quiddich yesterday was a right good lesson in thinking. Here everyone was huddled around talking about when it would be released. Everyone was waiting around for clues etc, but one smart Hufflepuff (Go Selena!!) decided to take a wee wander around, and found it!

Now there have been some people complaining about the way in which it was done, so because of their grumbling a rematch is taking place. I don't agree with this at all for the simple fact that we all had an equal chance of finding the snitch, but only one happened to stumble upon it because she thought outside the box, unlike the rest of us.

So, like myself (who is kicking herself for not thinking) or thinking outside the ever so handy box, people have complained rather than taking it as a lesson learned. This rematch has totally put a black cloud on the fair victory gained by Selena and Hufflepuff (which I can proudly say I'm part of!).

Yes, I too was a bit miffed because I thought we were waiting for clues (this was my first quiddich match since leaving China), and I didn't get a chance to go search for the snitch, but in fact I did have the chance. I just didn't realise it cause I wasn't thinking! So I'm more mad at myself than the way the game was done, and others have complained because they are miffed, but rather than looking at the fact that everyone had the same fair chance they are crying foul.

Okay, so everyone was stupid save Selena, myself included! Rather than crying foul and demanding a rematch, we should just realise we were stupid, and we all learned a lesson. That is not to be the case, and a rematch is scheduled for Wednesday.

So a fairly won game is causing contraversy! Totally not very sportsman like, and very poor participation by some people.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

stupid stupid computer. Muggle things sometimes don't work properly, so here are the pics!

I better get my quiz answers up!

1. b
2. c
3. c
4. d
5. dobby
6. c
7. a
8. d
9. 16
10. b

and pics

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Boriiiiingggg, boring, boing, boring.


Do you have any idea how boring it is to be in quaranteen?  I'm surrounded by white walls, white floors, white ceilings, you get the picture.


I think my spider made it to school, he was smart and dodged the security personel. Can someone check for me? Leave out some fruit, just a piece unless you want to deal with fruit withdrawl and a demanding spider.


I think my stay here might be getting longer, possibly until July th 10th!!!!!! I'm argueing that fact as we speak. Some people just try to make my life difficult. I'm beginning to wonder if it was the Chinese school I just left!


Ahhhhh......I'm going to die of boredom 



Thursday, 12 June 2008

ahhhh, stupid China. I'm now in quaranteen for 2 weeks because of coming in from that country. What a pain in the *&^ I'm never going to meet any of you guys at this rate. I'll still only be able to post here, but nothing else.


But on a good note, here is a potion for getting rid of snakes


1.5 L vodka

1-2 snakes depending on size of snakes



simply put out the .5 L of vodka and the snakes will drink it, and keel over dead. Something about the combination of the alcohol and snake DNA. Once the snake is dead, just put it into the 1L of remanning vodka. Let it sit for a month, and drink the vodka as normal, or use it in spells that call for any snake like behaviour.


As I said, simple!

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Not to worry girls, my spider as as big as he gets. He's only interested in eating his type of bugs, and fruit for some odd reason. He's pretty harmless....

Now here in China we have a different magical creatures book, so I'm actually unfamiliar with some of the creatures in the British book. Mind some of them I do know, but I figured since I'm in China I might as well talk about Chinese magical creatures cause they have some pretty decent ones too. Might as well expand our knowledge about them.

Now my spider he's a magical creature known as a banwen zhizhu (striped spider, how original right!?). He gets as big as your thumb nail, doesn't really spin a web as he's a jumper so that's how he catches his prey, he likes fruit so when we're in the dorm make sure you keep your fruit safely wrapped. He'll eat it all, total glutton! If he eats it all, he'll just want more and more and more. Trust me, don't give him fruit, it makes him into a right demanding nutter. A little is fine, but nothing whole! If he does eat lots, we'll just have to treat him like an addict, and go through withdrawl which is how I know he's a demanding little bugger!

He comes from Fujin province in the East of China where lots of tea comes from. He likes tea too, not as a drink, but just to eat. Well I don't know if he likes it as a drink I haven't given it to him that way, I'll have to try that tonight to see what happens.

Now banwen zhizhu are known to be congming (clever), and guidianzi (tricks) which is why I think he likes to jump out at you when you're busy. Totally annoying, and always startles me. I'm sure he can do other tricks if you ignore him for too long, I just haven't found out as of yet. As he is clever, I'm sure we could train him to do something not sure what though, but it is a possibility.

Now I wanted one of these guys for a long time since coming here, but I was a little unsure of how I could domesticate him. Apparently I didn't need to worry too much as he's pretty domesticated already, just watch out for fruit addiction. I'm sure things will pop up where he's concerned, but I think I can manage to cope with finding the solution if a problem arises. So I'm glad I bought him the other week, so far so good! I just have to make sure he stays away from Ghouls as Ghouls eat spiders. I don't think he'd be happy about that.

Now apparently people have been having trouble with their patronus. I haven't had a problem as my loony cousin showed me how to conjure one years ago. I used to have terrible problems with Quintapeds when I was younger as we lived in the Isle of Drear at one point. Why my father was positioned there with his job I'll never know for the simple reason I don't know what he actually does. I gave up asking him cause I was tired of getting business cards that said "Mr. Acadimus Clearwater____________and ___________MMC, Phd of __________."  Apparently me not knowing until I'm older is keeping me safe, safe from what I'm not sure, but that is okay with me. I'm sure someone out there knows what it means, but I did discover that he works for the Ministry of Magic as one day he was talking about Fudge to my step-mother, and I thought he was talking about the sweet, but it never arrived home much to my disappointment when I was about 7.

So my patronus is a pheonix which everyone here in China thinks is amazing as very few people in China can conjure a patronus to begin with let alone a pheonix. Wang Jin is totally jealous! So I hope the professor is satisfied with my patronus, when I get back if he needs a demonstration I can certainly provide one for him.

Just to let you all know I'm out of this school in 2 sleeps, and out of the country in 3. So next time you see me I'll be there on Monday morning for classes! I can't wait to meet everyone.

On a total different note my friend Emma made me something, and it's a secret. Dare I say it's driving me crazy?! I love and hate surprises!