Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Off to a great start and my wants ramblings

That is to say I'm in Hufflepuff again this semester. I'm loving being in this house as everyone is wonderful!

We've been told to put up a wish list which I think is great to help along our spoiler. I hope my spoilee puts one up, makes it easier in one way to get some other info.

For my wish list I've put up the things I would really like in the order of how much I want them! Makes it easier for someone to decide just what they want to spend on me.

As you can see my wish list compiles three things, I'm not greedy! For yarn and needles, I'm not really bothered with brand names or a certain sort. I'm quite happy with normal wool rather than say alpaca! I do prefer to have smaller needle sizes as I like when my knitting looks "tight." Circular or DPNs doesn't matter either, but I'm more prone to use DPNs than circulars as I go faster on them for some reason. I would like to have some pins, i think as I do lots of blocking and have none of my own. I keep borrowing my flatmates, she doesn't mind, but I do!

Random things that I love/like lots: chocolate, hot chocolate, tea, hard sweets, candles, oils for burning, oil burners, blue, purple, green colours, I'm a photographer, as well as an archer (I just bought a new bow! totally psyched!), I like biscuits, and homemade foodie items. I love recipe books, or simply some recipe cards with your favourite recipes printed on them. Scents I love lemons, anything sweet, vanilla. I love brazil nuts, pistachios, hazelnuts! I have an obsession with pens, if you're pen has gone missing I probably lifted it. I like silver, and have a huge thing for semi precious stones (I have a collection)particularly amethyst. I like runes and tarot. I have a tendency that if something I receive is super nice, I don't want to use it. I must get over this! I love my handmade cotton dishcloths I received last swap! Which reminds me I have a thing for elephants and cows. I'm naturally light blonde (but I'm not usually that dumb!) so colours that go with that suit me best. I can go either light shades or dark shades both look decent on me.

Things I don't like: white chocolate, oranges (colour, fruit, smell), walnuts, floral or patchouli smells. I don't like brown, orange, yellow colours (if you think autumn, I don't like it). Don't like yellow gold, and I don't like spicy things. I don't like cats or guinea pigs or hamsters.

I'll add to this if I think of more things about me, I'm pretty easy to shop for I think as I appreciate everything! I hope you have a fun time shopping for me, and don't wrack your brain too much!