Friday, 31 July 2009

Summer camp game 6

So we have to figure out what is carried around in the headmistress' bag potion wise.

So potion one is: draught of peace

potion two is: mandrake draught

potion three: babbling beverage

Potion four: Murtlap Essenence

What a random assortment the headmistress carries around!
I have spent the week learning about something that is called first aid and CPR in the muggle world. It was very fascinating as they don't use magic to fix broken arms or illness.

Muggles spend time pretending to be ill or something is broken and another muggle comes along and helps them out by putting a bandage or a sling, or do other things to them. If the muggle isn't breathing then CPR, if the muggle is breating but not conscious then recovery positing.

I tell you, muggles are very strange and sometimes primitive!

Saturday, 25 July 2009

I've been really busy with my friends birthday party. I haven't even had time to write or take some pics for the summer camp game.

I'll have to get onto these things right away! I must say though I have been working on Clara's gift and it is almost finished. Just the last push and off everything can go!

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Summer camp game 5

After a few days of thinking cause well my brain need some rest after working here are my answers

1. Animagus

2. Daily Prophet

3. Bowtruckle

4. Extendable Ear

5. Radish Earrings

6. Forbidden Forest

7. Golden Cherub

8. Thestral

9. High Inquisitor

10. Educational Decree

Friday, 17 July 2009

Tink, tink, tink

is actually the sound of rain this time, not me tinking my project for Clara.

It's been really nice to be able to sit here and listen to the rain against the cabin windows. Ollie and the snakes are hanging out outside in the puddles. Ollie has managed to convince them to act like a jet ski while he rides on their back. How does he get away with these things?

I'm working on Clara's gift, and I have about 20 rows left. Which doesn't seem like a lot and it isn't considering I had to tink and frog it a few times. So I have learned not to work on it while I am tired (should have known better in the first place anyways!)

So since most of the item is finished I've been looking at the rest of the parcel. I have the pattern chosen, the yarn, and a few other bits and bobs. I'll have to do some more thinking for the rest of the things.

Poor Clara must think I'm a right random wizette for asking about 20 questions that were relatively random. But she did answer them in good form and humour so something nice might come of them!

Right off I go to tell the snakes and Ollie to come in for some hot treats!

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Summer camp game 3

I think there was a boggart about today in the woods. All of a sudden I was up really really high for no real reason. I hate heights, I'm really really scared of them, and I was about to freak out, but managed to keep my cool.

So a good spell for a height boggart is this

and you can then turn it into this:

which always makes me laugh really hard, as you're then closer to the ground, and you have a totally different perspective on the whole entire situation. You can see some amazing things when upside down, Try it!

Friday, 3 July 2009

Summer camp game 2.2

Part Two:
17-4, 14-1, 9-6, 3-3
18-2, 3-3
19-4, 11-2, 9-3, 8-5, 15-9
7-1, 11-2
15-9, 11-2
15-9, 14-1, 9-6
13-8, 18-2, 8-5, 16-3, 6-5, 16-3, 5-3!

"When in doubt, go to the library:" Ron Weasley

Tink tink tink is not the sound of rain hitting the cabin windows

So I have Clara's present pretty much figured out. I have quite a few items here already for the final parcel.

I've been working on her handmade item today and I'm having one of those days. Nothing seems to be going right for me, so I had to tink tink tink a few times. I've come to the point where I'm pretty much back where I started in the first place.

So I'm going to be smart about this, and put it aside while I wrap my brain back into my head.

Apart from that, it is looking good so far. I just need to be able to keep going with this baby!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Summer camp game two

Okay so we have to solve the mixed up words and put them into what they actually are. Here is the original text, and my answers are at the bottom:

In the second volume of the HP books by JK Rowling, The (#1)Chrome Cab Festers, we continue to learn the incredible adventures of Hogwarts student (#2) Parry He Trot and his friends (#3) Oral Weensy and (#4) Angering Her More. Belonging to the house of (#5) Dry Off Grin, they attend Defense Against the (#6) Ark Darts taught by Wizarding celebrity (#7) Oracle Dorky Light, a none-too-bright fellow who cannot even handle pixies!

In The (#8) Chrome Cab Festers, we also meet Dobby a (#9)See Flu Oh for the first time. Determined Dobby seeks to sabotage the return of (#10) Parry He Trot to Hogwarts and is pretty persistent but is unsuccessful. After a few weeks at school, the deceased Ravenclaw student who haunts the girls lavatory, also known as (#11) My Molten Grain, shows (#12) Parry He Trot and (#13) Oral Weensy an old empty diary that dropped through her ghostly form out of thin air!

Many nifty things continue to happen for the next several months… we won’t go into all the juicy details right now… however, the ending is prime reading indeed!! (#14) Parry He Trot finally kills Tom Riddle’s (a.k.a #15 Mold Voter) sneaky diary (which we now know is a #16 Crux Rho) and saves the sister of (#17) Oral Weensy, (#18) Gayly Nine Sew!!!

Oh! Of course, we must mention that the thickheaded (#19) Oracle Dorky Light unintentionally erased his own memory, so he won’t be back for book three, The (#20) Snob In A Froze Parka

1. Chamber of Secrets
2. Harry Potter
3. Ron Weasley
4. Hermione Granger
5. Gryffindor
6. Dark Arts
7. Gilderoy Lockhart
8. Chamber of Secrets
9. House Elf
10. Harry Potter
11. Moaning Myrtle
12. Harry Potter
13. Ron Weasley
14. Harry Potter
15. Voldemort
16. Horcrux
17. Ron Weasley
18. Ginny Weasley
19. Gilderoy Lockhart
20. Prisoner of Azkaban