Wednesday, 23 September 2009

It's here!!

My parcel that is. It arrived last week, but I thought it was something else so I was in no real hurry to the collection office. Then I had to cart it all around uni till I got home 6 hrs later. Then I opened it, fell over, camera died, and computer had no memory etc so we're finally in business!!

I have such a lovely parcel!!!! I'm very stoked as I have some really really lovely yarn in deep forest to go with the devil's snake sock pattern, I also received The best of interweave knits (yipee!!!), I have some lovely knitting needles for socks that I really don't want to use cause they are so nice, lovely chocolates and sweets (mind I'm scared of the jelly beans!), a lovely bag, some harry potter themed things (note pad, bookmark, key ring), stitch markers, dpn toppers, pens!! Did I mention pens! Now when you see the pic you'll wonder why on earth I have las vegas tat! I have pens from casinos/hotels for sure, some could be restaurants though! I love my vegas tat cause that is what I really wanted! So loves me my pens! Oh and I have a lovely bag to put it all in. Oh totally forgot about my little sock change purse which I love to pieces!

So I want to thank my lovely swapner Ophelia for such a lovely parcel, I just don't know where to begin with it all!