Saturday, 28 November 2009

This week in crazy land

yup, one week left of uni to go folks! And of course everything is due at the end of it all. Then the following week we have exams. Hello, has anyone heard of a week off before starting exams???? I guess I will let them go as this is the first time they are doing semesters, and they waste a week at the beginning of it spoutting on about stuff that isn't really necessary to take a week doing.

So yes it is all crazy in my life at the moment, and hardly any time to do anything other than uni work, work and possibly some sleep in there as well.

So I have decided with my partner package to do things a little different as there is no point in doing something that there is no point in doing! So off I go to do some more thinking!

Saturday, 21 November 2009

What am I thankful for?

Good question, I'm going to go for simple!

I'm thankful for the fact that the Uni week is over, that today at work is over, and that I'm sitting here with a tin of Irn Bru and going to watch some mindless tv for once.

So yeah, simple it is people!

Friday, 13 November 2009

Can we start again?

I've been having a really really really horrible week! Things with uni are going okay, things in the other parts of my life, not so much.

Do you ever get to the point where you've had enough crap that it seriously is making you tired just thinking about stuff?? I'm at that point, I can't be bothered with what is going on at the moment, so I've decided to do the smart thing and step away from the burning flames.

So while I have put what is going on on the side burner for someone else to deal with (I'm lucky, as in this position I can give it to someone else to look after for a while)I get to concentrate on uni! How exciting!

I received my thesis topic today and I was given what I had asked for, so that is super good! I'm well chuffed and if I wasn't having issues, I'd be ecstatic, but at this moment I'm just doing a little dance in my head because even with the good news my mood still hasn't shifted.

So I have been doing some research into what I want to put in my parcel, and that is all worked out. I'm still debating on what to actually make though. I'll come up with something!

And where is winnie this week? somewhere in a time zone that probably isn't mine!

Friday, 6 November 2009

Brain of the dead

I have come to the conclusion I have no brains whatsoever for the where abouts of winnie. I'm hopeless! So yeah, mmmmm where is she this week? No idea! Thinking outside the box I don't do well. Sometimes I barely can figure out what is inside the box!

But on a slightly better note, things should start settling down in my life now that I have things sorted on the extra curricular activities front. So hopefully I can now just sit back and do uni work and knit. I haven't started anything, and I can't think of anything decent to make my swapner. How ridiculous!

Must start thinking about this stuff!

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Stupid muggle internet

My muggle internet was down yesterday night so this is going to be late! Stupid muggle internet!

I believe Winnie is where she is supposed to be. Now she is somewhere that requires her to do lots of work, so that is either home with her family, or with work work! But that doesn't necessarily mean that even if she is at home or at work, she is completely there. Her mind might be somewhere else which is always a problem when you're thinking of what needs to be done for something.

So where is Winnie? I'm not sure, it depends on if you mean where her body is, or where her mind is, or where the two of them together are.

All I can say is, she is somewhere!