Monday, 22 June 2009

What a start to camp!

First I get into a huge argument with my dad about his work, name etc etc. He was so mad he blew up the kitchen. Since no one knows my dad, he's what my step mom calls 'horizontal' as in he's that laid back. So you can tell he was furious to blow up the kitchen, I'm surprised I made it out alive. I was almost not allowed to go to camp because I put his name down in an assignment.

Then I learned that snakes will be in the cabin and Ollie (my jumping spider) decided he wasn't going to come with me cause you never know if snakes will eat you. Fair enough, but I did check with the people that had snakes and none of their snakes eat spiders.

So all is okay somewhat as Ollie had decided to lay low to get a sense of how the snakes react and what they do, basically he was doing some 'stake out' (that's a muggle term according to Ollie, need to look it up). Then Thistle Lovegood (who is a first year by the way and doesn't know the ropes, another muggle term that means "she doesn't know the way or manner" or something along those lines) let loose a bunch of frogs!!!!

Okay bad enough for snakes, but frogs the mortal enemy of spiders! Especially when Ollie was about to come out of the hole in the wall. Well consider that plan canceled. So I spent ages trying to find a hole that lead to the outside of the cabin and not to the inside. So I missed the campfire with roasting pondpines! I can't believe it, as I love roasted pondpines! I still never found a hole by the way.

So I sort of gave up for the moment as what can I do other than drill a hole in the cabin wall? So I decided to leave Ollie in the wall, and let him come up with a plan on his own possibly since I know he is terribly smart. So me and my Lorimer's books go out for a walk.

I spend all afternoon worrying that Ollie has gotten eaten by the hoard of frogs that are probably encamped by the hole in the wall that I don't remember anything I did or saw in the woods. So I rush back cause I know something bad had to have happened.

I burst into the cabin to find.....................................................

Wizard War MMIV going on! Ollie somehow has managed to get the snakes on his side which is very difficult since Ollie doesn't speak Parceltongue! So there is Ollie on a snakes head giving orders to the other ones. Some snakes had frogs obviously in their throat (do snakes have throats???) anyways you can tell it was eating a frog. And some snakes had legs sticking out, and some where about to strike the frogs. Oh talk about mayhem!

I'm just hoping that the frogs that were eaten weren't pets, and they simply came into the cabin from outside. Anyways I managed to get the rest of the frogs out of the cabin using a "grenouille a demain" spell so the cabin is frog free, snakes are full for however long snakes stay full for, and Ollie is as snug as that damn bug in Clara's bed (which by the way I should be able to get rid of since in Lorimer's book of botany it has a plant that takes care of that).

So I think Ollie has made some friends with the serpants, but dare I say I am worried that the snakes are quite happy to take part in Ollie's devious plans? He's full of mischief and the snakes are going to get into trouble if they don't watch it.

I guess I really didn't need to worry about Ollie at all, I'm now more worried about the rest of us!

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

3 truths and a lie

ohh how fun, I wonder if anyone can guess what the lie is!!

I am an archer
I do cake decorating in my spare time
I have a younger brother
I am studying to be a forensic biologist

Monday, 15 June 2009

Summer camp game

Well luckily I looked at the welcome letter to see what was needed for camp.

In my trunk I'll be bringing:

-lily's homemade snafferjazz jam (just in case I don't like what food there is!)
-lilahs handmade quilt that has a built in season change temperature gauge that makes the quilt warmer if it is cold out, or cooler if it is roasting out. (Lilah's my mom)
-lemon pastilles
-limewart bug repellant
-loose tibwits for the snakes that might be in the cabin
-lorimer's wild invisible animals of the forest book
-lorimer's botany for the deep deep woods book
-l----- magic flint (I can't say what my dad's name is due to his job, but it does start with an L)
-long trousers to keep the bugs and other unwanteds off my legs!


w1 Emma Wigworthy
w2 Allitra Spelling
w3 Phelicia Phoenixfire
w4 Violet Starfire
w5 Penolope of Flitwick
i1 Cassie Grubblyplank
i2 Bernadette Hobsworth (4)
i3 Hermione Bagnol (Hogwarts of course, aka Edinburgh castle)
i5 Antonia dela Weasley
n1 Lavender Ollivander
n2 Quietus
n3 Rowena Dragonsinger
n4 Fleur Delohov (piano)
n5 Lizzie Wychwood (edinburgh)
g1 Honoria Beckett
g3 Olive Bumblebirch
g4 Wisteria Lovegood (dragon)
g5 Selena starfire (german)
o1 Emma Gorodok
o2 Emma Scamander
o3 Celestina Pettigrew
o4 Gryphon the great
o5 Bevin Rae Mooney

Hmm no one has a queue bigger than mine (how is that possible??) and no one has the same birth month, again how is that possible?? Have I missed someone?

Spoilee: Well I have the hard time of spoiling our camp counselor how crazy is that?? I'm going to be extra sneaky if I'm going to keep things underwraps. Clara's projects are quite short, only 3 items listed. I wonder if she is really really busy with other things to not have time to update her projects. But I have to say that I love the fact she crochets. I really want to learn, so I am quite envious! I have to say I do the like bride the best!

Spoiler: My spoiler is Ophelia Ballycastle and she also crochets, I need to learn seriously! She has lots and lots of socks in the projects which I think is great. I'm just about to turn the heel of my 4th sock (2nd of my 2nd pair). I have lots of socks in my queue, but nothing like Ophelia's sock habit! Plus she also seems to like fingerless gloves which I also have an issue with.

Summer Camp

My step mom signed me up for summer camp. Now to be honest I wasn't that pleased with the idea of spending summer with a bunch of people I might not know. Who wants to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with strangers?? I wasn't happy and spent a week in my room not talking to anyone trying to see what it would be like this coming summer.

My step mom left the brochures about the camp lying on the table for me to find I'm sure. So I couldn't help but read them to see what boring time I was in for. Well after reading the brochures I went looking for more information about camp because it actually sounded quite fun. Then of course an owl came by with my welcome letter that contained details of which cabin I'd be in. I was actually getting excited about leaving for the summer.

Funny I was surprised to find out that it was my dad that thought I should go, I wonder if he found out about it at work. See my dad works in a top secret section of the Ministry of Magic, to the point where I don't know what he actually does and I'm not allowed to find out until I graduate. Must be something pretty important, and scary if they are keeping me safe like this. I know he has an important job within his office so he might have come across the camp because of that. Anyways I'm quite happy that I'm going to camp now! Sometimes dads do know best.

The only problem is I'm in Ashwinder cabin, and I don't think Ollie will be happy about that. So he might decide to stay home or go traveling without me. That would be a total bummer cause Ollie is such a great spider, but some of the people in the cabin might be bringing their pet snakes. I'm not sure if Ollie and the Snakes would get along. Anyways I have to find out about that when I go, and maybe if it is alright he might come along later.

I think Dad is sending me to camp as it is 10 yrs since my mom died in a freak accident due to her somewhat silly twin sister who blew herself up while concocting something. I'll tell you all more about that when I get a chance, but I was really lucky to get such a great step mom and not a stepmonster. I hear stepmonsters can be really horrible.

Right I've packed my trunk about 15 times in the last 2 days. I really need to see what I have forgotten!