Monday, 4 May 2009

What a week

that was for last week! I still don't know what day it is, but there you go.

Really really busy. Who knew it was such hard work putting together a magical archery championship??? So things of course were not here, so on tuesday had to ring up the wizard shop for some target faces etc, luckily they arrived on Thursday. Had to get some potion things for the judges as little presents. Had to pain the field! Okay you would think that you could have a spell for this, no such luck get out your tins of spray. The day itself was long, but well worth the effort.

The senior team came third, the novice team came third (I was on this), and I came second in my division. How amazing is that??? So I will be getting two medals when they are printed.

Now I just have to catch up with tons of homework that I missed last week due to all this faffing about. And of course I am the one that has to sort it cause I am the new team president/captain. I always get the good jobs!